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A well cared for diesel will outlast a gas engine 4 to 1. injector replacements should be rare in most diesels as long as filter changes are done and correct fuel is used. The ultra low sulfur fuel certainly isn't helping your cummins injection system. I admit the 300 gas engine is just about bullet proof. had several of them, and yes they are pretty low cost to own and operate. My issue, I do some towing. My 300, not great for it in my truck. It is geared fast. I get 16mpg, barely. Even when I drive slower. tried it. As for vehicle safety, I'm not running road races. I am hammering 70-75 on a highway. Yes, no truck is good as a car for handling, but I hardly would say that a truck is not safe either. Keep your suspension in good shape and they are just fine. And you can do a lot of performance mods to your suspension that will greatly improve handling.
My issue is this, my 300 get 16mpg. It runs at low rpm at the speeds i drive but still gets 16mpg. I had a bigger v8 Dodge truck that weighed a lot more, had 4x4 and 4 dr cab, and got better mpg. my little bare bones f150 2wd with NO frills, gets 16. Seems there is a better way. I love the 300 for its dependability. But to get worse mpg, and less performance makes me realize why they phased it out.
The big 3 must have stock in oil, thats all I can say. Japanese cars go for mpgs to improve, American car companies only go for it when they are forced. Awesome.
All this said, I just want to find a few tricks to make my lowly little truck do better. I am thinking of adding a bed cover, and a grill block. Easy tasks to do. After that I don't know. Considered lowering the truck a little but don't want to go too far down.
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