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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I honestly have no idea why more than just a handful of people would want, or require, their electric vehicle to go 200+ miles on a charge. 265 miles on a Tesla is absurd, and a waste of money.

Most families have 2+ cars, one of which should be a gasser. If the need arises to travel more than 100 miles, they should take the gasoline powered car. For those that have only an electric car in the stable, they should temporarily swap for their friend's gasoline car for the longer trip... and these are just 2 of the many other solutions to the range anxiety people have concerning electric cars.
The longer range is what makes Tesla be considered more seriously than just a neo-hippie attempt or a celebrity toy in the eyes of the average Joe. Not everybody would either want to keep a gasser beater to be used just eventually, or to depend on someone else's car.
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