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Originally Posted by Occasionally6 View Post
If you think you can create a climate model, by yourself, with nothing more than Open Office, you don't know what a climate model is.

What is the difference then? If you feed the data into a model as they occurred in the real world (from a point in time in the past - or not), then see if that matches what the real world result is (at a later time), that's' validating the model. If it doesn't match, either the real world data are incomplete or the model needs revision.

If the model matches real world outcomes reliably on past climate, then it can be used with some expectation of reliability in prediction.

I used physics equations, and a spreadsheet, I can teach you how if you are willing to listen and learn.

I also never said it was perfect, and I never said it disagreed with the premise that our CO2 increase is increasing the amount of Global warming. The only difference between it and many of the others is it shows that there is more warming caused by the sun than they account for.