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Originally Posted by NachtRitter View Post
1)Thanks for the pics! ................
2)And I've been trying to figure out the rear too... .............
3)Think that helped FE?.......
4)(Hope you don't mind me adding pics of my mods in your Jetta mods thread)
1)no problem.
2)same here. lots of weird pockets, exhaust, hitch, nothing to attach anything to.
3)as of this morn, FE was the same as before, pushing 57-63 inst on the flats. will be filling up either today, after i drive 60 miles home, or i might push it and wait till tomorrow, after 120 more miles. i'm at 800 miles for this tank, which is about normal.
4)don't mind at all. would be nice if there was a sub forum just for the MK4 Jetta/Golf/Variants.
i will leave it be for now until the end of the next tank, then i will add/get supplies for the rear skirts and wheel covers and put them on. the 15" wheels will need a 15 3/4" cover that i will tap the lugs for threads to mount them.
2003 S-10, 2.2L, 5 speed, ext cab long bed.
So far: DRL delete, remove bed mount toolbox.

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