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LostCause -

Originally Posted by LostCause View Post
I had an epiphany along those lines. I realized using an oven was heating up the house I was trying to air condition...It was a real, "duh" moment for me.

It's been around 100 here lately and I've found that I rarely need to use the A/C to remain comfortable. I open all the windows during the night and close them ~10:00am, block the windows the sun shines through, and turn off everything that uses electricity (TV, lights, computer, etc.).
That sounds like Night Flushing :

Using cool night air to cool down the interior mass of a building is called Night flushing. In Hot Dry Climates night temperatures usually fall well inside the comfort range. This is why adobe buildings are so cool in desert environments. In modern buildings in hot dry climates it is essential to provide a great deal of Interior Thermal Mass.
How old is your home? Does it have good insulation?

I was amazed at how stable the indoor temperature was, staying ~78F. I think the A/C is a "pamper my ass" type of luxury item, but oh is it nice when it gets 79F inside.

Hopefully your A/C problems are fixed. I'd think with the humidity you guys get, you deserve a little pampering!

- LostCause

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