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RH77 -

Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
Yep, it was just a Cheap-O GE capacitor that blew. The tech (and the other company I phoned earlier) reported several blown in our area. Lots of lightning strikes and probable surges.

Odd coincidence, my laptop's mem-stick fried on the same day.

For some reason we get several strikes in our area. The weirdest one -- hit pretty close and knocked out a clock-radio and the circuit that turns on the light for the garage door opener. Just odd, random stuff.

But ahhh -- air. The dew points were in the mid-70's last night before the storms rolled through -- then had to seal-up the house and roast. Now, there's a steady stream of "humidity" going down the drain.

Conclusion: the Cool-N-Save likely didn't have an effect on the failure.

I'm bummed about your A/C but I'm happy that you weren't "punished" for giving the Cool-N-Save a try.

Are there any additional ways you can protect your A/C from power surges?


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