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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Old Mech, I see that the engine is rated 3000 RPM sustained, but would you be running it closer to 2,000 RPM?

I was thinking about (please bear with me! ) Mythbuster's car versus motorcycle show. My understanding was that Jamie's fairing with the frontal area of a car was absurd, although even it worked, and that modern motorcycle engines can be as clean as cars. That is rated on PPM, right?

I was just wondering what someone would do if they had some great project like yours, poured time and money into it, and it did not pass emissions. I know that there are always shops near emission testing centers, promising to be able to make a vehicle pass, and I imagine that they would usually simply do a tune-up.
virginia exempts diesel engines from emissions testing Virginia Smog Checks - Emissions Regulations, VA Smog Testing Stations at The DMV Made Simple

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I have heard of cars where they piped some of the exhaust back into the engine to burn the fuel more completely, but I do not know what other techniques there are.

I was just thinking that it would be silly, you have a tiny, yet efficient engine, putting out a fraction of the particulates of a standard engine, but since its airflow is so low, it fails. Could someone install a blower ahead of the muffler to pull in outside air and thin out the exhaust?

Am I a bad person for thinking of this?
the first technique you speak of is EGR. it's done through a valve that is open at low engine coolant temperatures. the ECU closes this valve at operating temperature.

the second technique you speak of is SAI (secondary air injection) it has been used since 1966 (my car uses this in it's cali emissions compliant form) by OEMs. a pump adds air to the exhaust at two points (before the cat during warmup to help burn the unburned fuel, and at the cat during normal operation to help it clean the exhaust).

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