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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
The packaging of the engine in the Persu design is better than in the Schlörwagen.
My failure to completely read the article lead me to assume the drawing was of the Schlorwagen, I stand corrected, the drawing is of the Persu design.

Interesting commentary, glad I've finally read the text.

The Schlörwagen or
But while it’s efficiency was undeniable, contemporary road tests revealed an unfortunate susceptibility to crosswinds, a characteristic it had in common with the Volkswagen “Beetle”. As with the ubiquitous “People’s Car”, this might have had more to do with it’s suspension system and rear engine placement than with it’s shape, but it had a real stability issue, nonetheless.

........................Our curiosity was piqued by the patent drawing we discovered of a very similar car from more than a decade earlier by an obscure Romanian engineer named Aurel Persu. While Schlör’s design bears an uncanny resemblance to it, this was more likely attributable to the unchanging laws of physics rather than any conscious attempt on his part to steal the idea.
One of Aurel Persu's other projects for context.
Suntem Romania ! : 100.Minti romanesti 3 : Aurel Persu,inovatorul automobilului aerodinamic. .( modern )
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