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Originally Posted by jhay View Post
Hi Adam,

Have you considered a 2 IGBT version of your driver? I saw that others also asked about it before. I have a couple of questions about the driver board. What diodes are you using with the gate resistors? How did you make the pads for the IGBTs? Just 3 overlapping pads? Were the PCB house happy with that?

Starting to work through the control board, I have a question about the precharge circuit, how does it work? Are the FET and your contactor switching the positive side of the battery? It looks like it from CAP+ label. But how does the FET, Q8 gets switched on and off? The +15V supply is referenced to the negative of the pack (PE), or did I get it all wrong?



2 Module IGBT Driver by AdamBrunette, on Flickr

Here you go! 2 module version!

Email me for the eagle files if you want them.

As for the pads for the terminals, I just place 3 holes intersecting. It has not been a problem yet.

Diodes are MUR1100E.

The precharge circuit is as follows.

Pin 3 of the 23 pin connector is a connection to the B+ before contactors. This is feed through a 100R high power resistor, switched by Q8, an N channel MOSFET and then connects to the cap + terminal. The contactor output is justa 12V signal common to the 12V in the vehicle. The 15V dc-dc output shares a ground with the negative side of the capacitor. I dont think I realized this before. It was something I think I thought about thought about but did not correct because the Uprising driver has a second dc-dc and isolated the controls from the battery. I might need to look back into this. I dont want to add another dc-dc converter so the fet that switch's the precharge resistor. I didnt want to use the battery feed to power the fet as this would restrict what voltages could be used with the logic board. I want to be able to precharge anything between 12 and 400VDC.

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