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Originally Posted by jeff88 View Post
Any reason why I couldn't use propylene glycol instead of EG? It doesn't have as low of a freezing point, but I don't really have to worry about that in this weather! Is there another reason why I wouldn't want to use it?

Also as a side note, why do we not use oil as a coolant? (I know that the engine oil does help with cooling, but I'm not talking about that). Couldn't one use a really thin, maybe 0w-10, oil in a coolant loop? I would think (and read) oil is a better vehicle for heat pick-up and removal.
propylene glycol is the ORIGINAL antifreeze and is found in coolwhip.

here at the big defense company we use it in all of our "artic" kit trucks, comes in a nice purple color.

its also safer and much more expensive (for reasons I can't explain)

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