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The gph stat/guess is from other threads

I just snarfed the 1 gph in Drive figure from a couple posts, but they were for 1.6 to 2 liter engines, as I recall.

And the slow speed is for those slow speed conditions you get into such as parking lots of various sizes and heavy but, moving traffic. I'm in San Diego and there are spots where it gets slow, but you can see well enough ahead to make the kind of choices I'm posting about. I'm thinking especially of some spots in the Pacific Beach and Mission Bay areas that I'm in a lot. Rumor has it that it's full of closeted Urban Amish surf bums. (A dying breed, due to iPhones and microbrews.)

I want to refine my sense of the ideal speeds to shoot for in those conditions, and the ideal times to be in Neutral.

Thanks for the tip about the non-OBT tools. I'm all for disproving or refining my own theories.
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