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davelobi -

I think my 1999 SW2 has "mild" DFCO. I say this because I have a digital AFR. When the car is in 3rd Gear and *over* 2500 RPM I can see DFCO. Instead of oscillating around 14.7 I see "L" for lean. Once the car decelerates down to 2500 RPM, normal closed loop operation kicks in.

On today's cars I think the DFCO is much more aggressive, aka in the 1500 RPM range.

I have never seen DFCO below 3rd gear and I have rarely been in 4th gear + above 2500 RPM.

Because of the high RPM I only use DFCO to "engine break" down steep hills. On gentle slopes in 3rd gear the car slows down too fast before falling out of DFCO.


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