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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Thanks Xist - I've contacted them to ask about the windshield and about if they also have the wiper arms and motor and the vent bezel, as well. Lancaster is a mere 12 miles away - I hope they get back to me soon.
Yes! I was useful!

I should study now or something!

Galane, when I think about something like the Elio, I often envision making a foam board boat tail as well as front wheel fairings that taper back to the body, fiberglassing over everything, sanding well, and painting. Hopefully it would look good and improve aerodynamics as well, but I just would want extra protection in a collision, even though the fairings would be useless for that. If I were t-boned, I imagine their bumper would go right over it.

As for a smartcar, a two-foot foam boat tail could do the job, and you could make a two-foot foam aerodynamic nose extension, although I do not think that it would do any aerodynamic good, that extra length would be put to better use in the back.

I can imagine myself doing all of that and getting hit on the side...
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