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warnig about single wheel trailers

Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
This single-wheel trailer looks quite odd, but cool.
I had a single wheeled motorbike trailer which looked like a great idea at the time, small, made of aluminium, easy to store, fit inside a car with seat down, made like a long board with a hump for the wheel, light easy to tow, and a clever hitch design but after trying it out there was no suspension to speak of on it so it bounced around a lot was too light, at speed and I found out later was illegal because of the lack of suspension. I also thought that the one small wheel it had would need bearings often. It also shifted from side to side in an unnerving way when the bike was on it. click, click on the hitch, but mostly I think they don't catch on because of the suspension issue. Just my experience with a one wheel trailer.
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