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Originally Posted by HHOTDI View Post
Hey Jerry, i too have been looking in to the Centurion build, mostly out of curiosity though. How did you/they make the body for it? Is it a Fiberglass kit or hand made by the kit builder?

I found this article/news ad for sale and thought it worthy to share!

1982 Urba Centurion Diesel Microcar Brochure Kubota WA7108 DQGBVT | eBay

Yes thanks for sharing! That is the Mechanix Illustrated Magazine that featured the Centurion (designed to boost readership and sell diy plans. I have that magazine as well as the build plans, etc..) The series started in the 70's with the Urba Car series (Urba Electric too!) Exactly one year after the Centurion was featured the new cover was the Tri-Magnum. (Will post an update on that build hopefully soon...)
The body on these cars / trike (in the case of the Tri-Magnum) is as RQ Riley mentions: standard boat building technique (fiberglass over foam, and in the end it's really a foam sandwich; fiberglass on both sides of the foam.)
The builder makes a foam sculpture of the body and uses that to support the fiberglass until it cures, then cuts out the windows, doors, etc.. Within the structure are strategically placed plywood bulkheads for strength. People typically refer to these builds as a kit, but a purchase only gets you a well thought out set of plans/blueprints - not exactly my definition of a kit. Many of the true kit-cars had pre-fabbed bodies, etc (like Fiberfab's line up did).
Today was a car show at a local college. I brought the Centurion not because it's a show car, but to get the younger folks interested in "diy anything". (And I needed a break!) Many of the young folks initially weren't impressed by a car with an 850cc Kubota in it - however - after mulling it over for the next few hours I had more revisits and groups asking details - it was nuts! To the point where at least one old codger got his nose outta joint over roller applied gray primer and black "chalkboard" trim!
Before the crowds swarmed in, I got a couple of quick shots:


Both the Opel and the Centurion wear 13 inch treads and yet look so different depending on the camera angle. The front shot shows the shielding of the tires by the ground affects.. A nice comparison to the stock Opel.

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