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Tuning EFI for economy.

I have a 69 Dart slant six with electronic EFI which is fully programmable. I can set fuel ratio, timing, and warm up enrichment rate to anything I wish. First goal was drivability, which is now pretty good. I am eager to learn more about tuning tips to improve economy.

The first big, positive change came a month ago. I took a 600 mile round trip with it from the DC area to Blacksburg VA. On the way down the car got 21.5 MPG. I raised the cruise timing from about 40 BTDC to 55. The mileage on the way back was 26.7. I would like to get this car over 30 MPG, and from what I have read here, this should not be impossible.

The car has a Ford Mustang 5 speed which is much more efficient than the old auto.

Any ideas about tweaking the tuning would be appreciated. Maybe a link to another thread would be a good place to start. Thanks in advance.


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