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Thanks for the reply. The engine is built with Forged pistons and does have a knock sensor that works well.I also have a wide band O2 sensor that feeds both an in-dash gauge and the ECU. I have been cruising at 16.5 with no knock. However the cooler weather has caused some pre-ignition at 3000 RPM under light load right before shifting. I could go a little richer there, or dial the timing back a bit there. The system has a self tune that will change the fuel map to match the AF table, (user set). Others using Megasquit II have experienced lean conditions when it gets cold outside. I think most have simply dialed up the mixture a bit across the board.

Tell me what you mean by "loaded up". What is 40-80%. Percent of what? Thanks. Car cruises at 2000 rrm at 62 MPH. Compression is 8.5:1. It was intended to be turbo charged, but that never quite worked, so I removed it. Now economy is the game.

One of the things I have tried to figure out is if at 40 MPH it is more efficient to cruise in 5th at 1200rpm, which it will do, or in 4th at 1700 rpm. The AF ratio gets leaner in 4th, and the map reading drops. But I have not had the time or commitment to go out and drive 100 miles at 40 in 4th gear and then drive another 100 miles 5th an compare actual mileage. It would be difficult to find a place in the east coast here where one could actually do that. I suppose if I worked the math maybe I could figure it out. The computer does give me milliseconds of injector open time as one of its readouts. But it does not do the match as scan gauge does.

One feature this ECU has is an overrun fuel cutoff. When coasting in high vacuum, it cuts fuel off completely and starts it again when you open the throttle a bit. Until I enabled that feature, the excess fuel would cause a miss that was quite disruptive to the RPM read on the ECU. I was forced to find out about this fine feature and put it to use.

I am one of those guys who uses Evans coolant. It has been in there for 3 years. There are open questions about what temp to run the coolant, and what temp to have the fans turn on. There is one 16" two stage fan, with separate temp controls on the radiator itself, not in the block. I feel certain wit6h the right solid state controller I could get the sending unit in the block to control the fan. I think the ECu can be made to do this but not two stage (I think).

I am very interested right now in figuring out a way to automate a radiator block when cold. Does anybody know of an easy way to do this? Are there products intended for other uses that can be adapted? Are there OEM pieces that can be modified and put to use? I read on another thread that the Chevy Cruze has such a feature. I know the newer Mopar trucks and cars employ this also, but have not looked into it. Maybe there is a thread already working that discusses one. Thanks again for the response. I feel this is going to be a big help in my tuning and tweaking.


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