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I get it now. You mean to make the ratio richer when the engine is under load. And to answer ron22's question, the Megasquirt is pretty flexible. I can make the ratio richer under the higher load conditions. That is very easy. And yes, I think one key here is to make a warm air pickup that can be engaged during cool weather. The air filter picks up air from out side, in the wheel well. I would have to think about it, but I think I can redesign the pickup so there is a flap inside the box that would switch over to a second pick up tube that routes to inside the header heat shield. There were lots of stock set ups back in the 80's and 90's that did this. I think I would have to cruise a junk yard and see what I could find in the way of temp sensors that control a airflow diverter of some kind. I love going to junk yards.

Ron, You are right about the compression ratio. The low ratio is because it was intended to be turbo charged initially. There is no squish chamber on these old heads. They are an ancient, 1959 design. This makes preignition a challenge. Thinking about it now, one would wonder if it would be possible to fill part of the chamber with weld material to create a squish area. Maybe next time.

This air box came from a late 80's Cadillac. The pick up goes right straight down into the wheel well. The battery is in the trunk.

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