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New guy. Reporting in for the M3 corps.

New guy here.
Just bought a 98 metro 3 banger with 135k. Was inspired by MetroMPG.
Looking forward to fun project stuff. Car seems to run pretty good. One front fender and hood are a bit banged up but otherwise it looks alright.
My main focus is low-bucking it. The car needs to pay for itself in as short a time as possible.
I'm not an experienced wrencher, but I'm not scared, either. Gotta admit the relative openness of the engine compartment and small size of the engine and tranny are somewhat reassuring.
Couple of questions I've had over the last few weeks of lurking:
1. Already asked this one elsewhere in the forum, but why not run doughnuts? Maybe just for the undriven wheels? Is this an issue of durabilty?
2. For EOC, has anyone jerry rigged a kill switch on the steering wheel to cut the engine and place the ignition in the corrct state for airbags and lights? Seems like it would be a big help.

Anyway nice to meet y'all. I just dropped the Metro off at repair shop for inspection, so it'll be a couple days before I can get started in earnest.

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