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Originally Posted by niky View Post
The CR-Z is interesting. As the EPA shows, drive like a normal person and highway economy is not much different from a Civic... but I've seen over 50 mpg out of (a stock) one on the highway with the CVT... and there's a lot of room for improvement. The Civic can do over EPA, but not that far.

The handling is wonderful, but the biggest question in my mind is... considering the hardware is mostly Honda Fit... wouldn't a Fit drive this nice if it had the same set-up?

Also, useless back seat. Got five people in one, but it wasn't a happy occassion, as two of those people were over 5'8" (the other three were me, my wife and our kid). Had to drive with my knees in my chest. Surprised they put ISOFIX anchors in the back, as no decent child seat will fit there.

Still... loads of fun.
We crz guys buy a lot of parts off broken / abused honda fits. Manifolds / headers / etc its all slightly bigger than ours. Now yes the fit and the crz are very similar but I bought the car because I wanted something that looked / felt cool the FIT is awesome don't get me wrong but the cr-z looks amazing IMO
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