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Originally Posted by leafvillage View Post
My apologies I am just so used to people "" dogging "" on honda's / my intake and what not. My apologies I just get defensive . Yeah I did everything in the name of performance but it seems to reflect in a positive light for hypermiling
LeafVillage, this is a friendly forum, and we keep it that way. Sometimes debates get out of hand and the moderators step in.

I am a friendly person. Insulting is destructive. You do not convince someone that you are right, you convince them to not listen to you.

Racing and hypermiling have a strange relationship. Both try to make the vehicles more efficient and aerodynamic, but I believe that the forum members here use more science than "racers" often do.

My first car was a 1987 Honda Prelude. I loved that car! My avatar used to be a picture of a black one and you can still see it if you click on my profile. I do not know why it does not show up with my posts. I always looked into modifying her, but I struggled just to keep her running, and sometimes she sat and waited on my finances. I remember one guy talking about how make a car faster. He talked about removing restrictions in the intake and exhaust, but he was specifying how many horsepower he could gain with various modifications, but you can really only tell that on a dyno.

I asked you about A-B-A testing. I have only tried a few modifications and they were such terrible failures that I abandoned them, but I do not know of any other way of knowing whether your modification makes a difference or not. Honestly, many of the things that members try, unless they put in more time and money than most of us have, detract from the appearance of the car.

If I am taping cardboard to my car, I am going to make sure that it is worthwhile. If so, than I can make a better version.

Welcome to the site. I hope that everyone is friendly and helpful. Good luck!
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