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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Originally Posted by me
The video shows pure lithium, that's not what is inside the battery.
While the batteries don't hold lithium in its atomic form, they are still a fire hazard to be reckoned with. Even when as small as a laptop battery.
Originally Posted by me,same post
But Lithium Ion has weaknesses; it can overheat when overcharged or exposed to extreme heat or discharging, like what might happen if you cut open the battery pack and short some cells ...
Anyway, what to do with fire:
From that:
Liquid/Oil fires

The first thing you must do to stop a liquid fire (e.g gasoline, petrol) is to:
1 Never throw water on a liquid fire. This is due to water and oils properties. If the water is thrown on the fire, the following will occur.

2 Water does not mix with the oil, and thus goes underneath it (oil and water don't mix; when they are together oil is on top water on bottom). It will then boil and become steam very quickly this quick boil is dangerous . Since the water is on the bottom of the oil, as it evaporates it sprays hot, burning oil in every direction. This then spreads the fire and usually leaves you unconscious. (meant in case of a house fire, but nonetheless)
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