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Originally Posted by DiamondLube View Post
The claims are real, and the US Army has issued NanoLube, Inc a Mil Spec after 3.5 years of intense testing for weapons, but the diamond coating works on everything.
From their website :
Bronze ATM® Small Auto Kit $100.00 5-10% MPG Increase
Silver ATM® +P Small Auto Kit $150.00 10-30% MPG Increase
Gold MPG™ Small Auto Kit $400.00 15-30% MPG Increase
Platinum +MPG™ Small Auto Kit $600.00 21-35% MPG Increase or higher in a ONE TIME Treatment.
Those are pretty stiff claims - which not surprisingly make many folks on here rather sceptical , and that's when you end up in the Unicorn Corral.

But stiff claims should be easily verifiable when tested by some of the more experienced testers on ecomodder. Even a Silver kit should yield 10%, that's a very noticeable increase when tested under relatively stable, but real world test conditions.

How about making a set available for one of those testers ?
I'm pretty sure there will be somebody willing to try it.
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