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Originally Posted by darcane View Post
Were the Skunk2 springs lowering springs?

I just installed GCs on my Civic. Stock rear spring for the kit is 5 inches long, 425 lbs/in spring rate. My goal was to lower it, so I didn't check how high I could get rear of the car. But, the kit is intended to adjust up to stock height.

Granted, that is without a pile of batteries in the trunk.

How much weight do you have back there? 1200lbs/in is going to be way too stiff unless you have a lot more batteries than I think you do. Stock spring rate is only about 250 lbs/in, so that is about five times as stiff. I'd guess you'll want something around 500-600 lbs/in, 6" tall and the adjustability of the coilovers will get you the height you need.

For the best answer, call up Ground Control directly. I had to call them up and they had good customer service and were very helpful. If you tell them what you are doing, I'm sure they can recommend a spring that will be perfect.

Ground Control Suspension Systems
I have about 700 lbs in the trunk, including batteries, battery box and charger. Yeah, the Skunk2's are lowering coils, but I've put them to their highest setting which worked great until the batteries were in the trunk. I'm figure each of the rear wheels is holding ~950 lbs and I am sagging about 2 inches due to the 450lb/in spring weight. I'm thinking 1000 lbs/in might be better, then it should only sag an inch or so.

I am going to give GC a call.

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