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Well, if we go to the original story,

BBC News - Nuclear fusion milestone passed at US lab

We find no mention of shutdown theatre at all in the BBC article, which makes things a bit clearer. This paragraph stands out:

n 2009, NIF officials announced an aim to demonstrate nuclear fusion producing net energy by 30 September 2012. But unexpected technical problems ensured the deadline came and went; the fusion output was less than had originally been predicted by mathematical models.

Soon after, the $3.5bn facility shifted focus, cutting the amount of time spent on fusion versus nuclear weapons research - which was part of the lab's original mission.
Also, the CBSNews article contains this rather interesting sentence:

However, ITER (the French fusion effort) scientists aim to conduct experiments in burning plasma.
Which is markedly different from the BBC article, showing that the CBSNews article is factually incorrect.

However, ITER will take a different approach to the laser-driven fusion at NIF; the Cadarache facility will use magnetic fields to contain the hot fusion fuel - a concept known as magnetic confinement.
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