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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
Well, sort of. My mod is simply a switch to energize the 2 lockup solenoids with 12VDC, which allows TC lockup and signals the TCU to just up-shift at the lift of the go pedal (that is, when conditions permit -- throttle position dictates hydraulic pressure to engage varying degrees of lockup and is dependent upon the stock circuit to monitor coolant temps on cold starts to restrict short-shifting to higher gears). Every transmission is different, so the trick is to experiment with engine load and type of lockup method.

Despite the effort, that near-direct link between engine and road surface is valuable for FE. Once locked, it stays locked until switched-off... or when slowing down to a near-stall point, partial-lock is mandated and lightly lugs before downshifts (and stays lightly locked while stopped). This still keeps the engine running, but it's under load and forces lower RPM if you forget to disconnect. It's an enjoyable challenge to treat it like a manual and place automatic transmission control back in the hands of the driver.

Once everything is warmed-up, up-shifting is as easy as lifting the throttle (downshifts are accomplished through the shift stalk or harshly through high throttle input). Sometimes it's a bit too aggressive and needs some intervention (engine lugging, direct lock on decel = more compression braking, and finesse with the throttle to avoid excessively harsh shifting, either up or down, is needed). An investment in synthetic trans fluid has helped with any undue stress and/or temps if lockup is delayed or negated since a "stock mode" hasn't been wired for other drivers.

Basically, transmission selector positions 1, 2, D3, and D4 will hold or downshift manually as selected, and upshifts are aggressive enough for me to call it "manual". YMMV.

Have fun...

I had a thought today. I've been researching other things I'm planning to do and I seems that a lot of honda guys use chipped auto ecus for tuning but the downside is they lose all TC control so no TC lockup whatsoever. What if I replaced my ecu with its full manual equivilant. So no tcu whatsoever. Then from there control my TC via the solenoid at will and shift manualy using the shifter with no influence from a computer trying to fight back all the time. It would almost be completely manual all the time minus clutch control. I've also replaced my ugly shifter with an aluminium knob and stock gaiter for a more ergonomic feel so no button pushing just up and down shifting.
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