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2005 Prius engine into 1986 MR2: mk1 1nzfxe Prius swap (gas only)

This is a 1nzfxe from a 2005 Prius. Here's a picture of me getting ready to put it in:

Yes, most people will be able to pick this motor up and carry it around. It weighs about as much as an e153, the transmission out of a mr2 mk1SC and mk2 turbo.

Aside from the weight and fuel economy, this is an atkins cycle engine. Well, it has an atkins cycle mode depending on what position the vvti cam is in. I currently have it set for on/off. This gives me two settings. 13:1 compression using the full 1.5L and 6:1 at 750cc's.

Here it is installed:

Just driving it around, it actually feels stronger than the original 4age. This is in the 13:1 1.5L mode of course. The low comp/displacement setting will leisurely pull away from a light flooring it.

Toggling modes manually, I was able to get 37mpg where the various 4age's I've had would get 30, and the beams 3sge would get sub 30. This is running an echo ecu and no o2. Really a tune just good enough to run and drive.

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