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low drag

Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Looking at the side taper of the CLR and LS 430, it doesn't seem there is much there.
For example, here is the LS 430 :

Mercedes designed that car with one goal in mind - low drag.
It's hard to believe that they would skip something so obvious if it made that big a difference.

( I do find the angle of plan taper on the C-111 to be quite excessive at the rear. Again, surely the engineers at Mercedes knew what they were doing and wouldn't have fuddged this up. )
Perhaps we need to assign parameters for 'low drag.'
Hucho says we can be looking at Cd 0.07 to 0.08.So we need some reference datum when we use 'low drag'.
Obviously the new M-B is not 'low drag.' It's just lower than previous models.
They've done a production-ready Cd 0.18 in the 90s.
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