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Originally Posted by RobertISaar View Post
i've done it through reprogramming... rather than waiting for 45MPH for the TCC to lockup, i'm now in the 30MPH range(with lockup in 3rd and 4th gear, rather than just 4th), i like the feel of it, engine feels much more connected to the wheels, rather than spinning/slipping the torque converter up to the ~2100RPM stall point.

some people don't like the feel of it though.

i need to see if i can patch in the ability to use lockup in 2nd gear without lowering the temperature threshold to operate the trans in hot mode all of the time.
Duno how well it would work, but you might be able to keep the transmission warm by putting a second pan on... use the opportunity to change the filter and fluid, and instead of using the original trans pan bolts, use allthread, bolt on the first one, then put the second one on loosely and fill the void with expanding foam. The pan is where much of the heat of the transmission is lost during lockup [when the cooler path is closed].
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