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i see no reason to force my trans to run hotter? the 4T60 series of transmissions don't take kindly to more heat than necessary. in the winter, 150-160*F trans temps are what i see after a long driving period. in the summer, it eventually creeps up to engine coolant temps(so 195-205ish).

if i wanted to force hot mode all of the time, i could simply lower the temp thresholds before it is enabled.... that is the only way in the factory program for the TCC to lock in 2nd gear. patching in some functionality to allow this isn't difficult, but there is something along the lines of 30 bytes free in the calibration before needing to remove stuff.... not enough room to fit in non-hot mode 2nd gear TCC apply/release tables. enough to do a blanket "whenever in 2nd gear, lock TCC" patch, but nothing more sophisticated than that.
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