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and still have an unimpressive

Originally Posted by Cd View Post
It all comes down to " optimization ", but as amateurs without wind tunnels, what is the best that we can do besides guess what the air is doing ?

You could do all the right aero tricks to a car and still have an unimpressive Cd

I personally think that the best tool that we have is tuft testing, since it shows the problem areas in our testing.

That, and of course CFD and lots and lots of A-B-A testing .
The point I would want to emphasize,is that if we mimic what has proven itself in tunnel after tunnel study,that we won't stray too far afield when we make it to the gas station.
There is such a vast body of empirical data to work with.If we stay with the good science we should be able to achieve whatever we target.
Personally,I've never had a disappointment as long as I followed the science and physics.I've had failures of course,but they were all borne out of ignorance.Which is no sin.
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