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Originally Posted by 2007 ion2 View Post
the only problem I see with that idea is, once everyone (or even a lot of people) adopt plug in hybrids or plug in EVs, the grid is going to be so overwhelmed, we are going to need more power plants, and this will increase emissions made by power plants and increase cost and upkeep on the infrastructure. and don't respond with a BS response like: well, people can just charge their cars at night, when the grid is unladen. this won't ever happen. most people will get home and plug in, because nobody wants to have to remember to go out to their car at ten at night to plug it in.
Sure, but remember also that it's much easier to control emissions from one large source than millions of small ones (IE a power plant vs millions of individual autos), and also don't forget the economy of scale. I'm not saying that it wouldn't be tremendously costly to fix our infrastructure to handle it, but if power plants burned the same gasoline that our cars do, I would think they would have to burn a lot less to power those cars, as those cars get 100+MPGe.
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