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Hey there's an idea! I think I've solved the problem (at least for now). When the 12v battery is disconnected, it forces a recalibration of the BCM (which intentionally shuts off the DC-DC converter when the HV pack gets to a low enough voltage). This solves both the DTC and power problem. Since my last post, I've been nearly stranded due to this shutoff happening and running entirely on the 12v battery. After reading a bunch of stuff over at insightcentral, I understood a bit more about this recalibration. My mistake the second time around was that I began using the car normally again, thinking the battery was depleting due to negligent use (I have a clutch spoof switch that I have engaged all the time so as not to use HV battery regen or assist). I think the lesson here is to keep feeding (regen and/or slow charge) the HV battery every once in a while, and make serious efforts NOT to use assist, risking weakening the battery pack even more. Also, I think I really ought to get the pack reconditioned, even if I don't plan on using it a lot. I think keeping the pack as topped off as possible is the healthiest option right now for keeping the CEL off and best maintaining the already poor battery.
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