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Originally Posted by 2007 ion2 View Post
..........and don't respond with a BS response like: well, people can just charge their cars at night, when the grid is unladen. this won't ever happen. most people will get home and plug in, because nobody wants to have to remember to go out to their car at ten at night to plug it in.
At the electric car meeting I went to a couple of years ago some interesting ideas came up. Several Volt owners spoke of how their cars talk to them via their smart phones to update their status.

This lead to a discussion on how the power companies may be able to regulate the power grid by charging and then draining your electric car of energy on demand. In effect, electric car owners could be paid for their energy.

It seems to me that if you plug your car in after work a simple vacation style timer could allow charging at off-peak times. I'm no rocket scientists, just looking at the simplest solution possible.

Below another obvious solution to straining a fossil fuel fed electric power grid.

Solar panels gives electric cars another path
Solar panels gives electric cars another path - Chicago Tribune
Other manufacturers help owners set up their garages for home charging. Owners of the plug-in Focus Electric or gas-electric Energi can add a home-charging system from solar panel maker SunPower.
Neil, I would have never have guessed that a Smart Car windshield would prove to be such a stumbling block. I guess you just have to keep the faith and keep on going. Good luck, wish you well.
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