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actually, the K and L lines are for ISO only I believe, pwm uses J1850 bus+ and bus-, which are 2 seperate lines (pins 2 and 10), and VPW just uses the the J1850 bus+ (pin 2). K and L lines are on pins 7 and 15 for ISO, and I dunno much about CAN.

I also now know how you can have a -5v, lol. That was confusing the hell out of me. it's measured in reference to each other, so an active drive high is 5v on bus+ and 0v on bus-, and a drive low just swaps the polarity. This is getting intense, lol. So far the only code I've driven is the SOF, but I've set up the arrays for converting hex to binary and such.

My code will only support J1850, since I don't have anything else to test with, but if someone wants to add my code to theirs to make it more comprehensive once I get something working, that's cool by me.
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