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POPSCI: Why you can't sell me a car,

A millennial’s message to automakers.
Why You Can't sell me a car

...I recoil from the idea of buying one. Cars equal liability. Accidents are practically inevitable, no matter how well you drive. They cost more and more to own and maintain, and (electric or not) they defile the environment. And good luck parking one anywhere without it getting ticketed or towed.

So what would it take you, the automakers, to sell me, a punk kid of the "expectant" generation, a car?

...Self driving cars, .... Sustainable.... Electric...
Finally, make cars affordable.
I disagree with a lot what he says, but the facts remain that America has gone past "peak" miles driven, Many young people are not buying cars, and a growing proportion don't even have drivers licences! The statistics don't compare favorable to decades past when driving a car as a teen was almost a right of passage.

I do believe that the current offering of cars has little aesthetic appeal to me. The economics of new vehicle ownership don't make sense. I'm also a little turned off by the material investment of cars.

What i would want to buy though is different than most millennial's i presume. I would want any hyper-efficient aerodynamic concept and modded car that is being built on this forum. A Carben, Stromlinnet, Tigon, Vetter? absolutely!

I try to be helpful. I'm not an expert.

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