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A few points I'd like to make about this. 1. A walkable lifestyle is great, but it's certainly something that most of us would consider a luxury. And if you could wave a magic wand and centralize all the things you need to live your life into a small area, then guess what, so would a lot of other people. It's called downtown. And the same people that say a car is too expensive to own would also be saying it's too expensive to live in the area where they don't need one. If you are lucky enough to have the resources to live within walking distance of where you work/enjoy your life, that's great, but for most people it's not that likely.

2. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that assuming a 20 something year old should be able to buy a brand new car from the manufacturer is a good example of the "expectant" generation being just that - who here bought a brand new car in their 20s? Good on you if you did, but I can't think of many people I know that were able to, and it was a big deal if someone did. I have had a few cars over the years, and to this day I've still never owned a new one. They are a big financial commitment, and always have been. This guy saying that he wants all this charging infrastructure, low foot print production stuff is all fine and good, until he says he wants it all cheaper. Like the old hot rod saying goes "Cheap, fast, or nice - pick any two."

People that don't want to drive shouldn't. But they will spend more on rent/mortgage to be able to do that. If they are lucky enough to live somewhere with a decent transit system then that's another option, and personally I'd rather see more money spent on that than on making it easier for people that don't want to drive, drive. But trying to sell a new car to a guy like the one in that video is a waste of time. Until he gets married and has kids. Then let's see how long it takes him to put down his iPad and go buy a minivan. Car sales will drop off here, just like newspaper circulation (when was the last time you bought a paper?), it's just a sign of the times. Auto makers will have to focus on China and India if they want to survive, and ironically the cars that they have to develop for those parts of the world would probably sell pretty well here! Just my 2 cents, but being in the car business I see everyday that I am one of the younger people that actually do it for a living, and not a lot of retail customers are much younger than I am.
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