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Econometer/Vacuum Gauge Installation Guide

This is also posted in my Metro thread, but I wanted to post it here in the instrumentation section for those interested in using a vacuum/boost gauge in their vehicle. This guide is for a 1998 Metro, but installation would be similar on most vehicles.

The new gauge is a "Vacuum/Boost" gauge made by Sunpro, but the only scale I can use on a non-turbo vehicle will be the vacuum side of the gauge.

The first thing I had to do is find a proper mounting location and on my car, the spot on the column was perfect for a 2" gauge. I simply used the supplied self tapping screws and secured the mount to the top half of the column cover...............

I then placed the gauge in place through the mount and ran the vacuum tubing and electrical wires for the gauge illumination behind the cluster cover so nothing is exposed.

I simply removed the heater control cover plate and unplugged the bulb and spliced the illumination wires right into the harness so the gauge lights up when the cluster lights up.............

The mounting and illumination is now complete. The last thing to do is to run the vacuum hose provided with the gauge through the firewall to find a vacuum source. I ran a long screwdriver through the main wiring harness boot and fed the tubing through the gap made by the screwdriver.

I then adapted the connector to a vacuum source to monitor my fuel economy.

Here it is all installed and in the normal driving position, nothing on the cluster is blocked................

NOTE: The vacuum line was spliced into the large vacuum line at the booster originally shown in the picture, however, this was causing poor readings. I later spliced into the vacuum source very close to the engine for instant readings of the engine vacuum. After driving with the gauge, it actually tells you when to shift if you know how to monitor it and will also make it easier to stay easy on the throttle.

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