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vskid3's 2005 Prius

Bought a 2005 Prius with 85k miles on it a few months ago, decided I should make a thread about it now that I've started doing mods to it. Almost immediately after getting it home, I pumped all the tires (Goodyear Viva Authority) to the sidewall max of 51PSI. I decided to drive it as-is for a bit to get a baseline of what the car is capable of (or maybe I was lazy and figured 60MPG was good enough).

We sold our Escape about a month ago. I took the headunit from it and installed it and a subwoofer I had into the Prius. Difference was night and day. This is one non-ecomod I highly recommend for any Prius.

Now that its getting cooler here, I have renewed motivation to do mods in order to maintain my 60MPG average. I started off with a grille block as I already had all the materials. I got the plastic from the back panel of a broken pink 32" LCD I found in a dumpster. After a week of my coworkers asking why I had pink on the front of my car, I painted it today. I haven't really noticed any gains in MPGs or warm up time, but it at least shouldn't hurt anything.

Planned/potential mods include a block heater, coolant temperature spoofer, smooth wheel covers, and rear wheel skirts.

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