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Any Interest in Pedal-Eletric?


I'm working on a school project with an engineer who has an idea for a 3-wheeled pedal-electric vehicle.

Some key advantages of the vehicle would be:

-Fully enclosed body

-No license needed to drive (At least where we live)

-Inexpensive to operate

At this point many other details are still in development.

So my question for you is: Would this be useful?

Could you see yourself using something like this?

Do any of you currently use a pedal-electric vehicle? if so, what are the major pros/cons you have found with the vehicle?

How much range would be needed to make it worthwhile?

Would you trade weight and cost for convenience features? (sound deadening, lights etc..)

To give you an idea of some of the existing vehicles on the market, here are some:

-The Twike Electric Pedal Car

-Elf Electric Pedal Car

- Aerorider

Any help would be appreciated,


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