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Less IS more!
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I love it, I love It , I love it!

I'm building something along those lines, but in a torpedoe roadster style with a boatail body of bird's eye maple.
Something simple ....32 Chevrolet chassis....58 racing 3.5S Jaguar engine, hydraulic brakes, stainless roller bearing king pins for the original will hear about it.....maybe a book. The name: Bois De Boulogne...please keep tuned. The chassis has been primed and the next step is mating the 5 speed tranny (with electric overdrive) to the Mazda pick-up differential. You see, I needed something with the original 6 wheel studs....with hydraulic braking power. Mazda not only had it, but would you believe exactly as the same width as the original Chevy rear diff?
As it will be used sparingly and for showing off my wooden box company, I don't feel guilty. Yet.
Frederick, pres. Wooden You Box It inc.
Less IS more !
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