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While admittedly not the same as a velo trike, I've been commuting all season for years now & have 1000w pedal-electric bicycle, 27mph & 30mi range and there's really only one issue - corrosion.

The rest is preference & local law, the legality referenced above is not applicable as it's not Canadian and not enforced uniformly in the US either with each state having their own definition & restrictions from comparatively unregulated to banned outright - which as I understand is much the same as Canada, where each province has it's own active definition & enforcement, or lack thereof.

As for a velo trike, I've a three wheeled recumbent hybrid as well & TBH even aside from the corrosion & damage caused by winter use I wouldn't ride it in the ice & snow, it's simply not agile enough for the rural road conditions here, with the limited speed and the snow banks forcing you into the main roadway and such a light vehicle's reactions to running on such a rough surface as slush, snow drifts & ice ... having said that an upright velo trike may be just about perfect for winter urban use where the speeds are lower & the roads better cared for.

Riding in the north american winter is a touch challenging, not impossible by any means but any comfort gained in an inclosed vehicle of this scale would be a trade off in dexterity & there's not enough mass for stability - around here a velo in the winter would be just plow fodder, the agility of a dirtbike is about all that keeps my ebike out of the ditch lol... mostly.

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