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Would be nice to have this on the cooling fan switch and only have it open when the cooling fan came on. Obviously it would have to have a motor to operate it.
that's exactly what i'm planning to build

@ cfg83 your idea might work too with my setup, although it's esentially the same as what's illustrated below; bur it might work for a multi door setup where all the "rollers" can simply be connected with a single belt... i emagine cutting a slot in some plastic tubeing could look great

here's what i plan to build for my'll go on the top grill but if it works successfull i might try the lower grill as well.

i'l not sure about the setup for the door yet, maybe a slider will work better, but the prinsyple remains the same.

i plan to use a small motor from either an old walkman or a computer fan, the walkman motor seems to have the most torque. old toys and machines seem to be a good source for little electro motors.

the hatch itself will press on a switch at either side of its travle to indicate it's position, if the hatch should move to any position in between the motor will take it to the appropriate position again. of course mechanicly it should be set up to prevent flutter, but the system should calibrate itself.

i don't know if this will prove workable in practice but in theory i think it's pretty sound
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