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I would assume this is driven by product design and commonality rather than a desire by engineers or sales to restrict these features. Most car engineers are car guys so they want more info for better MPG and better eco.

The problem is really the disparate production centres that GM uses and where they share their designs and engineering. This means that a lot of engines and trans come from different places and have different interface needs.

For example VAG share a lot of engines and transmissions between models - my previous Fabia VRS (Helga) had the engine and trans originally from an Audi A6, lesser models had the same features from the VW Golf or Polo etc.

But the design of all these components is coordinated from VAG itself no matter if they are made in Germany, the USA or China.

So based on this a 3cyl 1.2 Petrol Polo has the same MPG output and trip computer than a top of the line Audi S6 (twin turbo V8) has.

Same is also true for Toyota, Nissan, Kia and Hyundai.

For GM the situation is less clear. Being a more "global" company their products are based more widely so having a common approach to stuff like on board displays becomes more tricky - a small GM car from korea maybe uses an Ecotec engine not approved for use in the USA but also is sold in the USA with an equivalent engine that is approved (e.g. Chevrolet Aveo). But GM USA does not use the same engine so the car data system is different from the models made there.

GM USA is the odd one out really - quick clue, apart from North America and Australia nowhere else in the world has a production use for a GM Petrol V8 of any kind, same for Ford or indeed Chrysler.

Nope. Nobody.

In Europe we get more torque for less fuel from a Turbo Diesel, and the rest of the world has gotten used to spending more time and less fuel.

If GM could standardise it's design (and Ford too) then it could have these standard features today and probably save a lot of money and get more customers and (probably) have fewer warranty issues as they could test new stuff on other markets.
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