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yeah, I guess I shoulda explained myself, lol. I'm doing this on an arduino single sided serial that I built from scratch (MasterNater: Arduino Finished!!! and MasterNater: SO MUCH DONE!!!). Just your basic, plain jane arduino.

Since the arduino can drive +/-5v with the digital and analog pins, I'm *attempting* to do this without any additional hardware (no mcz chip, just connecting the arduino 100% directly to the OBDII port), that's why I was stating that it'll only work on pwm and vpw systems, but my code should be easy to add to someone elses project that does run ISO to get it running multiple protocols.

Do you know which protocol your vehicle uses? because you might want to consider that in order to direct which way you go. You can look up the model and year here: - Resources - Compatible Vehicles

I've finished the method for converting hex to binary, now I should just be able to loop through the array of bits to drive the data, hopefully. I still don't know how successful I'll be, as I still kinda feel like I'm fumbling in the dark, lol.
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