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Originally Posted by spacemanspif View Post
Manuals with only "sport" about adding an "eco" gear resulting in a close ratio 5spd with a big overdrive 6th...or 7th...I don't car how many of their gears I have to skip, just give me over 45mpg@65mph...
Exactly my frustration with the TSX. It will win a drag race against the same car with an automatic, but revs at 3000 RPM at 70 MPH. With 6 close-ratio gears, this is ridiculous. There isn't a racetrack with a straight long enough for me to need 6th gear, so it's useless as a racing gear, and useless as a gear on the highway. I've yet to encounter a mountain pass steep enough to cause me to downshift.

Originally Posted by ever_green View Post
my subaru which weighs nearly 3200lbs and has a full time AWD system returned about 33.5mpg for a 150 mile highway trip with no fancy tricks. I just cruised at 70-75mph the whole way. this is much better than the 27mpg epa rating. at the same time driving the hyundai for a short while on the highway returned only about 36mpg for about 70mph cruising (lower than epa)...
While a single experience is useful as a single data point, there are so many variables at play that could return different results.

I got 38.3 MPG headed East on a trip, and on the exact same section headed back, got only 32.4 MPG, and this despite an elevation drop going West. The variable at play was the wind. I had a strong tailwind on the trip out, and a strong headwind coming back.
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