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Exclamation Trying to find Schematic: Cougar series 500 DC power board

Hi all - First off, I appreciate the wealth of information on this great site. A lot of really good stuff can be found here. I've been working on a Geo Storm conversion for a looong time.
Anyways, I'm trying to find a schematic but the links are all dead. All I want is the schematic for the Open ReVolt Cougar Series 500 DC motor controller's power board. There's schematics for everything else, and there's even a schematic of the whole thing, but it doesn't show all the components for the power board - it says something like "10 MOSFETS GO HERE" and "10 DIODES GO HERE". I tried contacting Paul and Sabrina a year ago and then again last week, but they haven't gotten back to me. If I end up using this circuit then I'll buy their etched board, but I want to look at the power board's schematic first to see if it fits my needs. I also checked the "history" of the different pages to see if any good links were available with no luck. The power board schematics for the 1000 amp Cougar controller are also missing. It's as if all the files showing the power board schematics for both the 500 amp and 1000 amp controllers have been made unavailable - maybe for safety reasons? Here's the page with the dead and missing links:]Open ReVolt/PCB Schematics - EcoModder

Any idea of how or where I can find the power board schematics for this great open source project would be very much appreciated (the 500 amp version).
Thank you!

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