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The windshield is a bit narrower at the top than I had anticipated... Remember, the chassis was based on a 3D model of the Smart ForTwo that I got off the Internet
Considering the provenance, and that it was sliced and hand assembled, that's pretty good. The windshield area wasn't sanded. How does the contour of the foam match the glass, in general? You can see the inner surface of the glass against the foam. 1/10th inch? More/less? You could wet (ink?) the inside of the glass and press it against the foam and get a data point on how close the raw contours were.

Are the A-pillars solid foam so you can just adjust the contour with your sander?

Last question:What steps did you take to insure there wasn't a longitudinal twist as the slices were assembled (I understand they were stacked on wooden dowels)?

Anyway, congrats on the milestone.

Edit: There's an interesting article on Wired about the tension between hand-shaped and CNC surfboards.

Your project is in an interesting middle ground.

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