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EOC in 2000 Dodge Caravan 3 Litre, Auto Transmission; Damaging?

I recently started EOCing in Moony a bit, And I was wondering if this would damage the transmission quickly or not; I did read the manual and it says the van can be flat-towed in Neutral at 25 MPH or less for about 15 miles, And the EOCing I was doing would go as high as maybe 57 and then I'd stay in Drive Then when time came to restart the van I'd switch to Neutral and restart it and it would make an odd, Kinda rough or scratchy sound (Imagine a sound similar to a plastic car bumper scratching pavement on a bump) but it was then on and I'd switch to drive to accelerate again. I do like the idea of EOCing but I also would like to not damage the (Automatic) transmission.

On another subject, EOCing has sometimes messed with the Scangauge in this van, Giving it very strange readings like "2.7 MPG Tank" and "RPM: Chinese Symbol" Or whatever popped up. Thoughts?


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