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Some 1994 Chevy Caprice Wagons came with that 4.3 Litre motor stock but only for that model year. They are the most fuel-efficient full-size whale-type station wagon I could find specs for, They do get higher FE than the 5.7 Litre and 5.0 Litre models at least not loaded (Though the 5.0 Motor wasn't an option for 1994 Caprice wagons) according to, But my Father knows a man who had a 1994 Caprice Wagon with the 4.3 motor and the motor blew last year or this year, The man was planning to keep the wagon until he died too but YMMV; I don't know how he treated the car.

The link below is to a website that has performance data and fuel economy data for the 1991-1996 Caprice wagons.

Chevrolet (USA) Full-Size 10gen data index

Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
I agree with that opinion.

You won't and you never will, no matter how hard you try or how you attempt to mod it. I too own an old Chevy wagon, older than yours. You might get 14 City and 18 Hwy at best - so don't expect much more from it in fuel economy. It's a big, heavy beast. But you can move heavy or large loads with that old wagon, as no modern SUV can, and it would be best if you reserve using it only for that purpose alone. Other than using it for such things, leave it parked. That's what I do. I only drive it a few hundred miles per year. As long as it runs when it's needed, that's all that matters.

Everything has it's purpose. Use your pony as a pony and your workhorse as a workhorse, as needed.
I like that underlined quote, But higher FE than that is possible if a person swaps a Diesel in, I think; The 1984 and 1985 GM Diesel Wagons (The Boxy ones with a CD of 0.5 or so) were rated to get 26 MPG HWY, But I can't vouch for the durability of the engine. The 1991-1996 Whale wagons have a CD of 0.35 according to what I read, So they aren't as draggy.

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